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by Crom Productions

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A chronological catalogue of collaborations featuring Crom Productions


released July 20, 2013

Cover Art by Tea Designs -
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Track Name: The Borg (with Irrefutable)
Being assimilated by the Borg,
Behind closed doors, plugged in like wires and cords,
Head integrated into the motherboard, speaking computer talk,
Colon, backslash, error, error, error,
Boxed up in this cube of terror,
With blasé attitudes like whatever,
The nether, wherever,
Logic holds less weight than a feather,
Push the button, pull the lever,
Be reprogrammed into; apple buying,
IPod rocking, douchebags, and slags,
With wiring sticking out the side of your brain box,
Taught to be transhumanist cybernauts,
Caught up in the technological communion,
Man and machinery in union,
I’m computing, termination, not salvation,
AI annihilation.

In this Skynet environment, it's hard to see enlightenment,
Implanted in your mindset, you're wondering where the time went,
Symbiotic relationships, not inscribed on hieroglyphs,
Motherboards or mother-ships, reality in microchips,
The sign was the meteorite, man and machine new prototype,
Giving birth to megabytes, body scarred by barcode stripes,
Automated nature only makes you more mechanical,
Ruled empirically yet we labelled it satanical,
But the facts are irrefutable, the plan is executable,
If the math is computable, the war pigs are shootable,
There's no fate but what we make - disputable,
Altering designs of perception just to make it sound suitable,
Overwhelming netherealm of technological advances,
Increase chances, cyber virus replacing cancers,
In the scrapyard of yesterday becomes tomorrow's morgue,
When they disconnect your cord, private property of the Borg.
Track Name: The Purge (with Irrefutable)
If you ain’t among the richest, its survival of the fittest,
Amongst the wicked, chimps inflicted, with rage sickness,
In the polluted village, when you ain’t had dinner in months,
You don’t give a fuck, sicker than chunder,
Cannibalizing each other, in examples of hunger,
Like the female mantis does her lover,
Souls tattooed with the mark of Cain,
For slaying our brothers, like yakuza circle of violence,
Chessboard of tyrants, an eye for an eye
Has left everyone blinded, savage Neanderthal,
Crazed animal, manimal, barbaric mammal,
Cold blooded like reptiles with an agitated head, like a hornets nest,
Protect your neck, there’s a war been going on, since before the father of Agamemnon,
Before Romulus slayed Remus, before the wars for Jesus, when the first caveman got bleeded

Skirmish in the ferns, battlefield earth,
Battle royale purge, black pearls curse,
Blood in the dirt, blood in the dirt,
Blood in the dirt, blood in the dirt... x2

The 21st Century is not what it was meant to be,
Scrapping over leftovers with the man standing next to me,
The angry mobs, the hunger pains and the hard labour,
The endless invaders, castigating all traitors,
Who is the instigator? No regards for our existence,
Witnessing the unrest rattle the resistance,
Ran 'til my mind submerged, chasing the barbaric urge,
Informed about this thing that everybody called "The Purge"
My economic condition put me in this position,
The war began yesterday, chaos ripped the jurisdiction,
Epidemics gone viral, I'm outlasting all my rivals,
Whether it's friend or foe, it's just a fight for survival,
Seeing a better tomorrow is the motivating factor,
Producers of the game call me another small character,
All for the glorious entertainment of your flat screen,
Spare a thought for the star of the show is what I'm asking

Skirmish in the ferns, battlefield earth,
Battle royale purge, black pearls curse,
Blood in the dirt, blood in the dirt,
Blood in the dirt, blood in the dirt... x4
Track Name: Childhood Piano (with Wise Swordsman & Face Shift D)
What was once a juvenile fire setter ‘bout to set it off
Mic gets soft when turn offs turn on, Decepticons
That’s a negatron in my little level when I spark
And get fed with acute pressures of oxygen
Screwface competition, givin’ a dirty look
And get splashed with a high grade version of my detergent
Hat slanted to disguise this wise guy, mask over the moustache
Tried to sneak a peek, but couldn’t touch that
Commitin’ arson, beg your pardon, can I get some matches?
I love the challenge of balance whenever I strike
The hot zone spreadin’ like a fever, better catch it
I fell off, but sprung up like the season or i used a matress
Kickin’ asses with a mass amount of practice
Talk’s cheap, but cradle your precious piece of metal tongue
This world of garbage would like to introduce you to the metal son
The swordsman, now get ya sword polished

Face Shift D
Back in the day, i don’t know where I’m headed

Flashback to the day I got my childhood piano,
The union like gloves given to Rocky Marciano,
Like Beethoven out on this musical adventure,
A mixture of melodic moods, moments and textures,
Intricate design, unravel imagination,
Black and white keys causing sonic animation,
The songs we play with the people we meet,
The harmonious vibe was just the ultimate feat,
With so many moments engulfed in frustration,
Struggled to understand the beauty of its creation,
With failure came patience, perseverance, the virtue,
‘Cause even when it hits, the music, it never hurt you,
Building the character, I really do think,
More than musical development, discover the link,
On to the next generation, hoping they’re comprehending this,
The next piano is sparking the next genesis.
Track Name: Cut The Umbilical (with Irrefutable)
Over 200 years of blood, sweat and tears,
Making our own way in the southern hemisphere,
This ship we commandeer, confronting our own fears,
Salute the sunshine as we drink our own beers,
We fought our own battles and made our own decisions,
We've come a long way from this historical prison,
Surely you're convinced of the power we afford,
Yet still we be attached by the umbilical cord,
So cut the umbilical and free the individual,
Stand on our own and stop paying the residuals,
Our wealth isn't common, rich off our own minerals,
But constantly reminded of oppression subliminal,
Longing to be free from this inherited sentence,
And watch the people prosper with wings of independence,
Breaking the shackles of tradition and conformity,
For we can be as young and as free as we ought to be.